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To carry-on or not to carry-on?

I've learnt the hard way that schlepping a big heavy suitcase is no fun. One year, when my husband and I were in Italy and taking trains from one city to another it became evident that my heavy bag was no way to travel. My poor husband was lifting my big suitcase from one train to another and sometimes lifting it into the overhead railings. I was worried he would put his back out. Since then, we travel with carry-on only. No matter how long the trip (I haven't been away for longer than three weeks at a time), I take my cute, little, light weight carry-on along with a knapsack. It is so liberating!

It's amazing how much I can fit into the small suitcase. I literally have been able to fit around 14 t-shirts, a couple pairs of pants, a couple of long sleeved t-shirts and sweaters. The trick is to pack thin layers of clothing. I try to only bring two pairs of shoes, one to wear during the day (which I wear on the airplane) and one for the evening (which I pack). Stay tuned for a separate blog posting on footwear.

I've started separating my toiletries from one large toiletry bag into two smaller ones. That gives me the flexibility of putting one bag in my carry-on and one in my knapsack. The toiletries that I may want easy access to on the airplane (such as meds, lip balm and hand cream) I put in my knapsack and the rest in my carry-on.

And guess what? Even with my small carry-on, I still don't wear half the things that I bring. After my last trip I've made a commitment to pack even fewer things the next time I travel.

An added bonus is that by going carry-on you save time at the airport - you can whisk straight to the security line on departure and go straight to your hotel without having to wait for your suitcase when you arrive. Easy breezy!!

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