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if you like beautiful beaches, hillside towns and spectacular hiking, the Amalfi Coast has several dazzling places not to be missed. The views are heavenly and the food... well, you're in Italy so what more is there to say? 

Amsterdam is a lovely, European city built on charming canals, old houses and filled with cyclists. It is also home to three world-class museums, as well as many small and interesting ones to explore. So there is plenty to do if you just want to wander around and enjoy great art.

The pastoral Austrian Alps are like walking through the movie set of the Sound of Music - with rolling mountains, lush green grass, trees, pristine lakes and magnificent trails. We hiked by old rail roads, wooden chalets, along river banks and through private farms. It is truly breathtaking and so serene. 

Barcelona is such a unique and beautiful city with a Mediterranean vibe. There is so much history, art, excellent museums, interesting architecture and of course the sandy beach and boardwalk. And if you're a foodie, it's heaven.

Berlin, the capital city of Germany, dates back to the 13th century but it is a new city in so many ways. After the turbulent events of the 20th century, Berlin is trying to rebuild in a positive way while honouring the events of the Holocaust and the Cold War. It is an emerging centre of art and has been attracting young people from all over the world.

Cinque Terre is a stretch of beach consisting of five small towns along the Italian Riviera. These traffic-free towns are tucked into the rugged hills overlooking the turquoise water. Cliffs and grape vines line the terraces of the walking trails that you can take from town to town.  And of course, the food is delicious. 

Florence, the capital of Tuscany, is home to some of the worlds greatest Renaissance art and architecture. We spent four days exploring this ancient city and enjoying delicious, regional cuisine.

Unlike Warsaw and other parts of Poland, Krakow was not destroyed during World War ll and is therefore a beautiful, vibrant city, rivalling most European cities, with most of its old architecture in tact. At the same time, there is much to learn about the sad history of the Jewish community in this city.

Lisbon is a gem. It is a bustling European city which is just the right size to explore in a few days. Its charm lies in the hills that are scattered throughout the city. Restaurants and cafes line the inclines and hill tops. With friendly people who speak English well, it should be on everyone's go-to list. 

There's always so much to see and do in London, it never gets tiring. Although we like to explore and experience new things on each trip, there are some things that we enjoy doing over again. November may not seem like the ideal time to visit London but the weather was actually quite mild and dry. 

It doesn't matter how many times I've been to London there are always new things to do and explore. It's one of those cities that is never boring. The summer is so lovely in London as the city really comes alive. The parks are lush and blossoming, the monuments sparkle and the streets are very crowded!

Naples seems to have a bad reputation for being rough. We did not find this at all and were so happy we spent a few days in this lively and authentic Italian city. It has one of the largest historic centres in Europe - made up of narrow streets and alleys, filled with churches and monuments. The locals are lively, warm and proud of their city and the food... best Neapolitan pizza and ragu sauce I've ever had!

I love Spain - the language and culture are so vibrant. Each part of Spain is very unique.  Madrid is often over-looked. Barcelona seems to get all the hype but we really loved Madrid with its majestic streets, busy squares, world-class art museums and delicious food. I highly recommend it.

The City of Lights - Paris is one of those cities that you can visit over and over again. The grand boulevards, the romantic architecture, the delicious food and the incredible museums and monuments will always take my breath away. This itinerary can be helpful both for first-timers and return visitors. 

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic and has turned into a popular tourist destination. The city is bisected by the Vltava River - with the Old Town on the south and the beautiful castle on the north.

The beautiful towns of Provence in the south of France, including St-Remy-de-Provence, Avignon, Les Baux de Provence and Arles, offer a perfect combination of charming villages, historical towns, delicious food, colourful markets and a variety of hiking terrains.

Plus three days in Tolfa and Fontana del Papa

Italy's capital is a 3,000 year old vibrant city. It is home to Vatican City, as well as the ancient Forum and Colosseum. There is so much to see and do in the city you could just wander for days through its piazzas. Following our visit in Rome, we travelled in the beautiful countryside, exploring and taking cooking classes.

Salzburg is a picturesque Austrian town with a castle, a charming river and the lush green Alps to the north. It is the birthplace of Mozart and in August there is a wonderful, classical music festival with events throughout the town.   

Including Cordoba and Granada

The southern towns of Spain are like little jewels with cobblestone alleys that we loved exploring.  They have so much history, it's fascinating. We stayed in Seville as our home base and went on day trips to Cordoba and Granada.

Tuscany, in central Italy, is known for its beautiful landscapes, eucalyptus trees, vineyards and mountains. Siena is a mid-sized hill town which offers lots of things to do, as well as many delicious restaurants. In the evenings the town comes alive with many locals and tourists wandering the streets, squares and enjoying the restaurants. It is a perfect base to explore Tuscany.

Venice is such a unique city - with canals, narrow alleyways, small bridges and beautiful architecture. And what I loved most is that it's completely pedestrian! I had heard that you don't need more than two days in Venice, but in my experience there are so many great public and private art galleries, as well as concerts and operas, that you could stay busy for several more days.

Vienna sits between the lush hills of Vienna Woods and the Danube Canal. The city is easy to navigate. Its main attractions are inside the Ringstrasse, which is a ring road surrounding the Old Town. The city is filled with excellent museums, art galleries and lush palaces to visit.

Warsaw pretty much got destroyed by the Germans during World War ll. The communists rebuilt it in typical grey architecture of the communist era. Over the last few years the government has been rebuilding certain parts of the city and has done a nice job including monuments and memorials to the Holocaust.

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