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Fun brunch spot on a quiet long weekend in Toronto

This past Canada Day weekend we felt like the only ones left in the city. Although there were large crowds celebrating at the various festival locations, we preferred finding a quiet spot.

The weather forecast was calling for rain, so we cancelled our plans for a hike in a provincial park. Instead we decided to head downtown for brunch at The Dakota Tavern, located in the hip Ossington Street area of Toronto. They have an all-you-can eat menu served family style and a bluegrass band playing music.

This was a big hit and a great way to spend the morning with our sons. The food was prepared fresh and brought on platters to our table. The menu included eggs, potatoes, fresh fruit, pancakes and sausages. Since it's all-you-can-eat, if you want another helping of something, you can just order it. Very convenient for young men with hearty appetites!

If you're not familiar with bluegrass music, it is a form of country music, with mixed roots in Scottish, Irish and English traditional music, as well as influences from African American jazz. Typical instruments include acoustic guitar, banjo, bass and mandolin.

If you're looking for something different to do on a Saturday or Sunday morning or afternoon, I highly recommend it.

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